HESTA Super Fund & Stafford Capital Launched Private Equity Co-Investment Strategy

According to a recent news release, Stafford Capital Partners announced the launch of a new $250 million (approximately $164 million) global private equity co-investment mandate, “QP4”, with A$83 million HESTA Super Fund. 

According to the press release, “Stafford Australian private equity lead Daniel Bowden said that the strategy sought to open up smaller deal sizes, providing access across a wider spectrum of the private equity investible universe. Single-asset style continuation vehicles, where HESTA would represent long-term patient capital, were also an area of focus.”

QP3, the previous A$200m global private equity co-investment mandate was fully invested in 3 years and has been investing in healthcare technology, cyber security, sustainable packaging, financial payments and more.

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Written By: Jane Bailey, Marketing Associate

Jane Bailey is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.