WEG Expands Presences In Texas


Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG) has agreed to acquire Starfox Financial Services, an RIA with approximately $254 million in client assets based in The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston. This acquisition will increase WEG's total assets to $85.3 billion and expand its presence in Texas to six locations. 

Jose Palafox, with 25 years in the investment industry, founded Starfox Financial Services in 2006 after working at two large brokerage firms and RIA Marathon Capital Management. He established Starfox to prioritize clients' best interests with fiduciary loyalty. Bill Friebel, with over three decades in advisory and consulting, joined Starfox in 2017 after nearly 13 years at Merrill Lynch. Before joining Wealth Enhancement Group in 2024, Bill spent seven years at Starfox, which he co-owned with Jose. The duo is also supported by financial advisor, Jake Kuharich, who followed them during this transition. 

This acquisition marks WEG's eighth transaction in 2024. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. 

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Written By: John Washington, Data Research Analyst

John Washington is the Data Research Analyst at Dakota.


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