March 06, 2024 |

US Firms Invest in Dubai, Private Markets Searches + Consultants, MAI and Commonwealth Evolve

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About The Episode

This episode dives into the latest strategic shifts and expansions in the fundraising world. We spotlight Tyler Carter’s transition to Spider Management at the University of Richmond Endowment. The episode also examines Eastman Kodak pension plan’s decision to lean on NEPC for investment strategies following the closure of their internal investment office.

In the RIA/FA M&A landscape, we explore Tupelo Wealth Partners’ joining forces with Commonwealth Financial Network, and MAI Capital’s acquisition of LWS Wealth Advisors, showcasing the ongoing consolidation and growth strategies in the wealth management domain.

Furthermore, we delve into the groundbreaking private credit partnership between Goldman Sachs and Mubadala in the Asia Pacific region, marking a significant investment initiative. On the institutional side, we cover strategic plans and consultant searches from Santa Barbara to the City of Philadelphia, alongside major commitments by NM SIC and Oklahoma TRS to real estate and private credit.