February 28, 2024 |

Mercer Global Head of Real Assets, Wells Fargo Hiring Spree, LACERS Private Credit Goals

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About The Episode

Our most recent episode spotlights Michael Brand’s new role as Partner and Global Head of Real Assets at Mercer, following his tenure at Cambridge, and delve into Allworth Financial’s acquisition of Brennan Asset Management, marking a significant expansion in California. This episode also covers Max Ohnesorge’s move to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, showcasing a continued focus on hedge fund investments, and introduces Richaed Law-Deeks as the future CEO of LGPS Central in the UK. In the M&A landscape, we discuss the noteworthy acquisition by Pathstone, further solidifying its position in the market with over $100 billion under management.

Additionally, we explore Wells Fargo’s strategic hiring spree, adding experienced advisors and bolstering its wealth management capabilities. On the institutional side, we highlight LA City Employees Retirement’s ambitious 2024 Private Credit Strategic Plan and share updates on recent commitments by LACERS to private equity and venture funds. Join us for these updates and more, providing a comprehensive overview of the strategic moves and investment insights that are shaping the future of fundraising