March 15, 2024 |

Bluespring Activity, LA Water & Power + Quincy Searches & Real Estate

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About The Episode

Dive into the heart of the fundraising world, with pivotal job changes, mergers, and acquisitions, alongside forward-looking institutional investments. We spotlight significant career moves with Stephen Sih-Choi’s transition to Kaiser Permanente, Rob Hawkins’ new role at Independence Bank, and Vanessa Martina stepping in as CEO of Expressive Wealth. The episode also examines strategic RIA/FA mergers, including Raymond James welcoming Laura Blanton from Wells Fargo, the merger within Bluespring Wealth Partners, and Savvy Advisors’ network expansion. On the institutional front, we discuss the New York City Deferred Compensation Plan’s search for US Fixed Income managers, Los Angeles Water & Power Employees’ Retirement Plan’s Global Equities RFP, and Quincy Retirement System’s High Yield Bond strategy. Additionally, we highlight Ohio Police & Fire’s and Louisiana TRS’s significant commitments to real estate and private credit, showcasing the ongoing appetite for diverse investment strategies.