March 20, 2024 |

Anne Arundel County Co-Invest, Spokane RIA Move & Dakota Talent Intro

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About The Episode

In this episode we spotlight Mason Harris’s transition to the Colorado Health Foundation and Andrew Grabato’s move to JP Morgan Private Bank, reflecting the ongoing mobility in the finance industry. The episode also examines LPL Financial’s addition of seven advisors from Osaic, Baird’s recruitment of a high-profile team from UBS, and Merit Financial Advisors’ acquisition of Viren and Associates, underlining the continued growth and consolidation in the RIA space. On the institutional front, we cover the Boston Retirement System’s Real Estate RFP, Los Angeles Water & Power Employees’ Retirement Plan’s commitment pacing plans, and Anne Arundel County Retirement and Pension System’s investment in Apogem Co-Investment Fund VII, highlighting the strategic planning and investments shaping the future of institutional portfolios. Join us for an in-depth look at these changes and their broader implications for the fundraising landscape.