Dakota Live! Call for Alternatives #79

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December 8, 2023

Our Guest Speaker

Dana Johns, Head of Private Equity, New Jersey Division of Investment

Prior to joining New Jersey’s Division of investment, Dana was a member of the Private Equity team at the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System. She is an experienced private markets investor and leader in the U.S. public pension and broader institutional investor community.

Dana has more than 20 years of experience investing and managing multi-billion dollar global portfolios of institutional alternative investment assets. She has a demonstrated long-term track record for selecting and managing strong performing private equity fund portfolios and is committed to initiatives focused on the advancement of private markets investing and creating pathways to inclusion for underrepresented talent in private equity.

Dana is Board Chair of the Private Equity Women Investor Network and a member of the Institutional Limited Partners Association Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council, Academy for Institutional Investors Editorial Committee, AIF Women’s Leadership Steering Committee, and the SEO Alternative Investments Limited Partner Advisory Council. Dana has both a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Indiana University Bloomington and a B.S. in Computer Info Systems from Stevenson University. She graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a Master's in Finance while working full time as an Associate at Camden Private Capital, a private equity fund of funds.

Dakota will present an interview with Dana Johns, Head of Private Equity, New Jersey Division of Investment. 

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Key highlights we will cover on CalSTRS:

  • How is CalSTRS organized and what consultants do they work with?
  • Where is the opportunity, and who are the internal points of contact within alternatives?
  • What has been top of mind for CalSTRS and where have they been allocating recently?