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About Centersky

Centersky’s focus is to partner with a traditional IT Department creating a bridge between technology and sales, turning it from a cost center to a revenue producer by innovating around the Capital Markets Value Chain to automate manual processes and design alert centric environments including engagement intelligence to keep wholesalers in front of the right reps at the right time.

Information Technology, specifically utilizing a CRM platform, is no longer “optional”. It is deeply embedded in every business process and is a key component that Companies rely on. Centersky’s niche and value proposition is being the only innovative focused salesforce development and administration team focusing specifically on capital markets.

How do you help Dakota and Centersky’s mutual customers with their Salesforce instance?

At Centersky, we specialize in creating alert-centric environments for wholesaling teams, enhancing their ability to secure more business. Trustworthy, up-to-date data is the cornerstone of our strategy. Our goal is to turn data into profit by taking all the information available to an organization and utilizing it to help them highlight the best potential sales leads

How has Dakota’s data helped with your customers’ CRM adoption?

In the capital markets sector, having direct API access to reliable, current data is crucial. Dakota enhances our CRM data with a layer of updated, trusted information, delivering actionable insights for wholesalers. One of the consistent hurdles to CRM adoption is the presence of inaccurate data; Dakota’s solutions not only maintain data integrity but also augment it with valuable insights, thereby facilitating greater CRM uptake.

What is your favorite thing about the Dakota Salesforce App?

The Dakota Salesforce App stands out for its user-friendliness and straightforward management. The setup process is simple, and the quality of the data provided has made it easy for us to engage sales managers, fostering enthusiasm with little effort.

What is the implementation process like for Dakota’s Salesforce App?

Implementing Dakota’s Salesforce App was a seamless experience. The installation of the managed package was straightforward, followed by a guided setup from the Dakota team, who recommended best practices. This allowed us to get the system operational swiftly.


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