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Harmonizing your Asset Allocation with Jennifer DeSisto, CIO of Anchor Capital Advisors

Episode 15: Jennifer DeSisto, CIO at Anchor Capital Advisors

Jennifer DeSisto, Chief Investment Officer of Anchor Capital Advisors joins us at Dakota Live! to take us through her experience from portfolio manager to asset allocator and what she has learned over the years to help her build multi-asset portfolios on behalf of her clients. Jennifer's responsibilities as CIO include manager selection, asset allocation, business management, and product development for Anchor’s $8.5 billion in assets under management.

Anchor Capital is a Boston-based Registered Investment Advisor, managing approximately $5.5 billion with external managers across all asset classes, and an additional $3 billion in fundamental, in-house value-based equity and fixed income strategies. Founded in 1983, Anchor Capital is the 10th largest independent investment adviser in Massachusetts.

Tune in to this informative and wide-ranging discussion from employing a founder's mentality to asset allocation and manager research to the importance of increasing diversity in the asset management industry.

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Jennifer DeSisto

Anchor Capital

At Anchor Capital we believe the best way to meet our clients’ goals is through traditional value investing that is based on meticulous research and picking individual stocks. Rather than try to match the performance of a benchmark, we build our portfolios from stocks whose prices we believe do not reflect our analysis of their intrinsic value. The companies we invest in can be in any industry or market sector, as long as the stock is selling at a price that is attractive to us and has what we believe to be a well-defined path to reach fair value. Anchor portfolios are diversified, but we view our rigorous security selection and monitoring discipline as our primary risk management tool.

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