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Early-Stage Opportunities with Chris Winiarz of Stable Asset Management

Episode 14: Chris Winiarz, CIO at Stable Asset Management

Chris Winiarz, Chief Investment Officer of Stable Asset Management shares his journey from the endowment to the family office model through his role today as CIO of an investment firm focused on building strategic partnerships with top performing emerging managers. Chris takes our audience through what Stable looks for in investment partners when considering an allocation.

Stable Asset Management backs top performing investment talent to build next generation asset management firms. Stable oversees over $3 billion in assets under management with over $12 billion of aggregate assets across Stable Partnerships. Stable is among the most experienced and largest strategic partners in the asset management space with offices in New York and London. Since its inception Stable has built 27 strategic partnerships across the liquidity spectrum.

The Dakota Live! Podcast was excited to host Chris in our Philadelphia studios and learn more about his experience in investing alongside early-stage investment managers.

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Chris Winiarz

Stable Asset Management

Stable is an investment firm focused on building strategic partnerships with top performing investment managers. With offices in New York and London, Stable has a successful track record of building partnerships designed to fully align the interests of capital owners and capital managers. This way we capture the over performance that emerging managers typically generate, whilst ensuring an institutional quality business from day one. Available through commingled and tailored programs, all of our investments reflect Stable’s strong partnership culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to long-term value creation.

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