March 01, 2024 |

Santa Barbara's 2024 Investment Plan, Global Equity in Favor, Endeavor Wealth's New Chapter

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About The Episode

Dive into Episode 8 where we explore the dynamic shifts in the fundraising world, spotlighting significant job changes and strategic movements. We highlight Seth Marshall’s venture, Endeavor Wealth Strategies, under LPL Financial and Exemplar Financial Network, bringing a fresh approach to wealth management in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The episode also covers the Guthrie Rouner Group’s transition from Merrill Lynch to Ameriprise Financial, signifying Ameriprise’s continued growth with an additional $320 million in client assets. Further, we delve into Santa Barbara’s ambitious 2024 strategic plans for private equity, real return, and real estate, aiming to make impactful commitments across various sectors. Norwood and Plymouth County’s global equity manager searches signify a proactive approach to diversifying investment portfolios. Highlighting new investments, we discuss the University of Houston’s $50 million commitment to global equities and Montana’s $100 million commitment to private equity. Join us as we navigate these pivotal changes and their implications on the industry.