May 17, 2024 |

Guardian Life's Head of Investment Strategy, RIA Activity, LACERS 2024 RE Plan, Fixed Income Manager Hires, Consultant Search

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About The Episode

Join Pat and Konch on the Dakota Fundraising News Podcast as they delve into recent job changes and strategic developments in the financial sector. This episode highlights Chad Myhre's appointment at Alfred I. DuPont Charitable Trust, Felix Lurye's transition to Guardian Life, and William Clegg's new venture with Kyros Private Wealth. The discussion also covers Summit Financial Holdings' launch of Kyros Private Wealth and Edelman Financials’ acquisition of Soundmark Wealth Management. In our institutional coverage, we explore significant searches and investments, including the Town of Plymouth Retirement System's Fixed Income RFP and the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System's real estate commitment plan. Tune in for an insightful update on how these developments are shaping the landscape of financial management and investment.