February 14, 2024 |

Emerging Manager Leadership, Alternative Allocations & Consultants, UBS & Merrill Moves

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About The Episode

Discover the impactful move of Sylvester McClearn to head NY Common’s Emerging Managers program, bringing a fresh perspective to an already robust initiative. We also unpack the latest RIA dynamics, including NewEdge Wealth’s strategic expansion into Atlanta and UBS’s notable recruitment of a high-profile advisory team from Merrill Lynch. Additionally, we explore institutional strategies through the lens of Arkansas TRS’s increased allocation to fixed income and the Hartford Municipal Employees’ Retirement Fund’s search for alternatives consultants.

This episode provides a comprehensive overview of the strategic moves that are shaping the future of fundraising, offering listeners a deep dive into the strategies that are driving growth and change within the sector. Join us for these compelling updates and strategic discussions, all available now in Dakota Marketplace.