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1. What is your role?

2. Do you spend more than 2 hours per week researching who to call or updating stale contacting information?

3. What is your primary pain point when it comes to your sales team's data?

4. What source do you rely on the most to stay updated on industry news and trends?

5. Do you have a current database subscription

6. Do you struggle with marketing your firms story?

7. How many years have you been in the investment industry?

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The Dakota Live! Call

Connect with leading global allocators

Dakota Live! is a weekly event that connects investment sales teams with allocators, and creates the content your team needs to do informed outreach to allocators in your asset class.

Dakota Fuse App

Update your Salessforce data while you sleep

The Dakota Fuse App eliminates stale data by bridging the gap between your data and you sales team. You’ll receive real-time updates to accounts and contacts allowing your sales team to focus on setting up meetings with qualified buyers.

Dakota Paradise App

The foolproof way to get your CRM adopted by your sales team

The Dakota Paradise App allows investment sales teams to enter scheduled meetings and meeting notes into their Salesforce directly from their phones.

Your follow up will become seamless and efficient, while saving valuable time and effort to focus on following up on meetings instead of entering information.

Dakota Productions

Create engaging videos for your firm

Dakota Productions provides marketing and video production services for investment firms across the country. Our video team is here to help bring your investment firm’s story to life.

Dakota Marketplace

The data and insights you need to do outreach efficiently

Dakota Marketplace is a unified system of data, insights, software and integrations that creates visibility into exactly who investment salespeople should be calling on to raise money.

Dakota Rainmaker

The tools, processes, and procedures you need to scale your business

Dakota Rainmaker is the first coaching platform for investment sales. CEO Gui Costin shares the empirical knowledge he’s gained throughout his fifteen years in this training course to help you and your firm meet sales goals.