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Amy Sariego is the Director of Content Marketing at Dakota.

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dakota studios | March 2, 2023

Dakota Studios: What Does it Cost to Shoot Video for Your Firm?

Even after years on Zoom, we’ve all had moments where presenting or sharing on video has felt...

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dakota studios | February 15, 2023

Dakota Studios: What to Expect From Your First Video Shoot

When it comes to shooting video for your company or nonprofit, just committing to getting in front...

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conference attendees | November 7, 2022

Investment Industry Conferences: 8 Tips to Maximize Your Experience

If you’re looking ahead to next year — or even the next few months — and starting to plan your...

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Marketplace features | October 31, 2022

The Benefits of Dakota Marketplace for Private Equity Firms

If you’re an investment salesperson, you already know that without a meeting, nothing is possible....

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people attending a conference | September 22, 2022

The Top 5 Hedge Fund Conferences

Balancing your firm’s travel budget and the sheer number of investment industry conferences that...

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marketplace screenshots | September 16, 2022

Dakota Marketplace: 8 Key Features to Get You Started

If you’re a new Dakota Marketplace user, or you’re considering investing in the platform, you might...

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