Dakota Rainmaker: The Systems, Processes, and Procedures You Need to Scale Your Investment Firm

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What is Dakota Rainmaker?

The time-tested, empirical knowledge you need to scale your investment firm.

With Dakota Rainmaker, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of the four core principles of investment sales:

  • Setting expectations

  • Knowing who to call on

  • Understanding how to present

  • Mastering a follow-up system

The Dakota team has been fundraising since 2006, and we know that there is no panacea or magic bullet to raising money — there’s no one solution that will make it rain on command. There are only core principles, which, when applied, give you the best opportunity to scale your investment firm.

Meet Your Instructor, Gui Costin

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925 West Lancaster Ave
Suite 220
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Tel: (610) 642-1481

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