Your All-In-One Sales, Marketing, and Client Services Team

Accelerate your firm’s growth by partnering with our established third-party marketing team.

Accelerate your investment
strategy growth

Training and on-boarding a full sales team is expensive and comes with a lot of risk; it can also prevent firms from reaching their goals quickly. Dakota helps accelerate your strategy’s growth by getting your message to the market faster, without expanding your in-house team.

Our third-party marketing team is an experienced, eight-person investment team who has worked to raise over $40 billion since 2006. We’ll prospect and qualify leads before they ever cross your desk, and work with you to establish a detailed growth and reporting plan.


Comprehensive fundraising partnership


Strategic planning

Dakota works with your firm to establish a thorough plan for over the first sixity, ninety, and one-hundred and eighty days in terms of market coverage, outreach, and meeting set ups.



Finding the right people to call on is key. We prospect and qualify leads for you, so the only ones you see are already interested in your strategy.



We’re data-driven in everything we do, and provide detailed reports on meetings, feedback, and progress so that you’re always in the loop on progress on a monthly and quarterly basis.

An established sales process you can trust

The Dakota Way is our sales system: Know who to call on, know what to say, and have a killer follow-up system. 


Know who to call on

The focus of your sales effort should be to call on people who buy what you sell. Or, as we like to say, “Sell apples to apple buyers, don’t try and convince orange buyers to buy apples.”


Know what to say

It’s not enough to get a meeting with the right person. To win, you have to master the art of the pitch.

Institutional investors need to understand your story and how you got to your numbers. We’ll help bring your story to life while addressing the questions an institutional investor wants answered.


Have a killer follow-up system

We believe that every sale starts with the follow up. We provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive CRM platform that enables us to follow up with ease and cover more ground.

Who we work with

While there’s no one “right” fit for us, Dakota typically partners with boutique investment managers who are specialists in their respective asset classes.

We look for "know what you own" investment strategies, concentrated portfolios, disparate weightings, single product focus, employee-owned, low turnover, and strategies that are benefitting from clear macro trends within the economy.


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