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How to Write an Email That Gets a Meeting

In the investment industry, we know one thing to be true: nothing can happen without a meeting. This video outlines the three key things every sales email needs in order to land a meeting.

The Benefits of Dakota Marketplace

Dakota Marketplace makes it faster, easier, and cheaper for investment sales professionals to set meetings with the right people. This video walks you through the key benefits you’ll receive as a Marketplace user.

Dakota Company Overview

The history, mission, and vision of Dakota Funds Group.

What is Dakota Marketplace?

Dakota Marketplace is the leading fundraising platform for traditional and alternative investment firms. This video is a visual walkthrough of what Marketplace is, how it works, who it’s for, and more.

The Best CRMs for Investment Firms 2023

This video compares 14 of the best-selling CRMs on the market for investment firms. Determine which is the right fit for your investment firm based on capabilities, integrations, price, and more. By the end of the video, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which is right for you.

How Reporting & Transparency Will Give You a Job for Life

In this video Gui Costin talks about Principle One to Sales the Dakota Way, explaining why reporting and transparency will give you a job for life.

Set Proper Expectations with Upper Management to Drive Success

In the second part to Principle One of Sales the Dakota Way, Gui Costin discusses the importance of setting proper expectations with upper management in order to drive your success.

Pick the Proper Channels to Sell to First

In the third part of Principle One to Sales the Dakota Way, Gui Costin states why you should focus on picking the right channel to sell to first.

401K Plan Data in Marketplace

We now have over 14,000 DC plans with their consultants, underlying holdings, and contact information in Marketplace!

Now is the Best Time to Start City Scheduling

Right now is the best time to start city scheduling! Gui Costin walks through the most important weeks for 2023 and why you should have travel planned out for January, February, and March come the end of the year.

Value Added Data in Marketplace

Gui Costin talks about the value of our data in Marketplace. By this we mean complete, accurate, up-to-date accounts and contacts of investment allocators, and newly added DC and DB Plans.