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Dakota Salesforce App Updates Your Accounts and Contacts in Real Time

One of the biggest problems we face as investment sales professionals is that our CRM data is out-of-date.

Additionally, we as salespeople are often the one's asked to keep our CRM up-to-date, which is an administrative burden to say the least.

The Dakota Salesforce App solves that problem. Simply download the App into your Salesforce, select the Accounts you want linked to Dakota Marketplace and those Accounts will be updated in real time.

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Integrate Your Salesforce with Dakota Accounts & Contacts
Receive Alerts When Contacts Change Jobs
New Accounts & Contacts Added Weekly

What is Dakota Marketplace?

Dakota Marketplace is an institutional investor database built for investment sales professionals that contains accurate and up-to-date contact information on institutional investors across the intermediary and institutional channels.

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  • Receive fresh leads daily via new accounts and contacts.

  • Get automatic updates to Marketplace contacts, including email addresses, titles, phone numbers and asset class coverage areas.

  • Link back to Marketplace from your Salesforce instance to access over 150 custom fields and Marketplace’s full feature set.

Salespeople Receive Alerts When Contacts Are Updated

Dakota Salesforce App not only updates your Contacts when people change roles or jobs, but the Contact Owners also receive alerts when those moves are made. This allows salespeople to take immediate action and reach out and connect with their contacts are at their new job.


Your Salesforce Updated in Real-Time

See How We Help Keep Your Contacts Updated in Real-Time with Dakota Salesforce App.

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