Private Equity Analyst Database.
Built by Current Private Equity Fund Marketers.

Fill holes of investors you might not otherwise know

Keep the accounts and contacts up-to-data daily

Gain exposure to over 450 RIAs/MFOs that invest in private equity


Fundraising is a lot easier with up-to-date contacts

Are you looking for up-to-date contact information on private equity due diligence analysts across both Intermediary and Institutional channels? If so, Dakota Marketplace can help.

As a private equity fundraiser ourselves, we understand that many salespeople that raise capital for private equity funds already have a good rolodex of allocators. That being said, the allocator market is dynamic, people change jobs constantly and certain segments of the market, like the RIA channel, are growing in importance for private equity firms.

We have built a fundraising database that can be additive to your existing list of contacts where we can: 1) fill holes of investors you might not otherwise know about; 2) keep the accounts and contacts up-to-date daily; and 3) expose you to over 450 RIAs/MFOs that invest in private equity, an important but difficult channel to efficiently access.

What is Dakota Marketplace for Private Equity Fund Marketers?

Dakota Marketplace for Private Equity Marketers is a curated database of private equity fund investors across the Intermediary and Institutional channels built by the fundraising team at Dakota Investments, a team that has raised over $32 billion since 2006. Updated on a daily basis by our team of 14 database administrators and salespeople, Marketplace contains 1,400 private equity allocators and 5,600 contacts that diligence and invest in private equity funds.


Who is Dakota?

Dakota is a fundraising firm that raises capital for investment firms across long-only equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, private real estate and private credit. Founded in 2006, Dakota has 29 employees, is based outside of Philadelphia, and has raised over $30 billion.


Marketplace for Private Equity Fund Marketers

Are you sick and tired of stale and inaccurate database date?


Application that addresses the biggest fundraising concerns of private equity fund marketers


Built by Private Equity fund fundraisers for Private equity Fund Fundraisers. As a Private Equity Fund fundraiser ourselves, we feel and know your pain of finding opportunities – We have opened up our database to other private equity fund marketers

Benefits include:


Daily updates by 14 data analysts and salespeople


Accurate data


Accounts organized by Metro Area


Private Equity Analysis


Family Offices


Traditional Institutional Channels


Key Account Platform Descriptions


Dedicated Private Equity Analysts


Alts Allocators


Newly Added PE Analysts YTD


Top Allocators to Private Equity by AUM


Dedicated Alts Consultants


Bank Trusts


RIA's/MFOs that invest in Private Equity funds


Key Account Profiles for Allocators who allocate to Private Equity


Strategic analysis. Daily updated contacts. Filtered results for maximum efficiency.