Kris Nelson, Director of Investment Research for Russell Investment‪s‬

Kris is the Director of Investment Research for the Global Equities team at Russell Investments, and her primary responsibility is to evaluate and recommend investment strategies which are most likely to generate returns in excess of the relevant market indices and peer groups.

More specifically, she is the “rank owner” for all Global and non-US value products. She is also the Head of Engagement within the firm’s Proxy and Engagement Committee and dedicates time to supporting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) research and investing. Kris joined Russell Investments five years ago after nearly fifteen years on the “buy side” investing in US stocks with a focus on small cap and growth.

Kris Nelson begins by sharing that Russell Investments is a volume provider and there is a fee discussion when you call on them. However, there’s a distinction between Russell’s consulting business and their asset management business. Kris explains that if you are going to work with them on the asset management side through a sub-advisory capacity, you have to have your strategy available in model delivery. Kris details how to navigate through ESG and SRI as well as diversity and inclusion at Russell, all incredibly important to the firm. She also reveals that Russell is always searching, and while there are no set needs but they are constantly looking for talent.