The Meeting Notes App for Salesforce

Seamlessly enter your meeting notes into Salesforce from your iPhone or Android device. 


Eliminate meeting double entry


Enter meeting notes without logging into Salesforce


Increase your sales team’s CRM adoption rate

Is your investment sales team struggling with CRM adoption?

  • Are you frustrated by entering meetings in your calendar and in Salesforce?
  • Is your Salesforce workflow clunky and difficult to use?
  • Are you losing out on meeting information that never makes it into Salesforce at all?

Dakota Paradise takes the frustration out of entering meeting details, and ensures that your sales team always knows who to follow up with.

Your Salesforce CRM adoption solution

Never miss a meeting scheduled or a meeting note.

Maximize your sales team's efficiency by eliminating valuable time spent entering meeting details and notes across multiple calendars and platforms. 


Schedule meetings in one place

No more double entry. Dakota Paradise allows your team to enter meetings in one app that will automatically add the meeting to their calendars, Salesforce, and Zoom.


Easily add meeting notes

Stop scrambling to add all of your call notes at the end of the week — or worse, the end of the month. Instead, enter your notes right from the app, and they'll automatically upload into Salesforce.


Report on your progress

Once your meetings and meeting notes are being accurately uploaded into Salesforce, your team can create the valuable reports needed to track your progress and scale your business. 

Eliminate CRM-related data entry for your sales team

Get started with the Dakota Paradise App and start capturing your most important assets: the number of meetings scheduled, in just three steps.


Download the App

Download the Dakota Paradise App to get started. You'll need to login with your Salesforce account to get set up.


Schedule Your Meetings

Enter your meeting details in the app: invitees, meeting time, date, time, etc. This will send the invitation and Zoom link, and upload the information into Salesforce.


Start Tracking Progress

Once your meetings are logged, you'll be able to do quick and efficient follow-up with your clients and prospects, as well as track the number of meetings your sales team is holding week over week. 

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