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Know Who to Call On, Know What to Say, Have a Killer Follow-up System

That is our mantra. We have tried everything possible to make our sales process more complex than "Know Who to Call On, Know What to Say, Have a Killer Follow-up System", but we cannot.

Sadly or excitedly, this simple process of calling on people that buy what you sell, then when you get in a meeting, bring your story to life and manage your contact information in a highly organized way so you can easily follow-up, has stood the test of time and works every day for our sales team.


Below we break it down in more detail.

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Know Who to Call On

The focus of your sales effort should be to call on people who buy what you sell. Or, as we like to say, “Sell apples to apple buyers, don’t try and convince orange buyers to buy apples.”

If you specialize in mutual funds, you need to call on allocators who deal in mutual funds – RIAs, ETFs and separate accounts, to start. But identifying the appropriate channels and the contacts within each account can take a lot of time and legwork before you ever ask for a meeting.

To quickly and efficiently identify who to call on, we use Marketplace, which helps shorten the path to qualified buyers.

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Know What to Say

This is a critical but overlooked step. It’s not enough to get a meeting with the right person. To win business, you have to master the art of the pitch. 

Talking performance isn’t enough. Institutional investors need to understand your story and how you got to the numbers. Use carefully chosen words to bring your story to life while addressing the questions an institutional investor wants answered. 

It’s not easy. It requires effort and practice, which is why we created the Investment Sales Playbook for Becoming a Master Messenger

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Investment Sales Playbook for Becoming a Master Messenger

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Have a Killer Follow-Up System

After getting the meeting and nailing the pitch, it’s critical that you follow up. Typically, most investment salespeople send a thank-you email with some marketing materials. But institutional investors get so many emails, they may never see it, let alone read it or respond. 

If your follow-up begins and ends with a single generic email, you’re losing sales. You need a follow-up system that helps you continue the conversation with allocators in a meaningful way. 

As part of our system, we use Pages, which offers a single place for allocators to view all our content and provides analytics that inform our next steps.


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