Who is Dakota Investments?

We are a team of investment salespeople who understand how difficult it is to raise capital, and realize that because of COVID, it is not getting any easier. We have all been asked to do more within our new normal, which has resulted in being asked to cover new channels, continue to manage our existing channels, and pivot to a Zoom-based relationship building process. It hasn’t been easy for any of us.

However, we all have to adapt. We believe that distribution has fundamentally changed. We are not going back to the old way of raising capital, and as salespeople we must evolve. At Dakota, this is the vision that we’re helping other investment salespeople realize.

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COVID has Created a New World of Distribution

COVID has accelerated certain trends and created new ones that we have to adapt to. We have more office and home time, we need to cover more accounts and channels, and we need new tools and data to help us execute.


More Relationships is the New Currency

For many of us, relying on a handful of relationships was the way to win for the past 30 years. However, in today's world, “winning” often means having more relationships, especially due to the growth of RIAs, MFOs and Family Offices. Whether you care more about career growth or career protection, in both cases having more relationships will always put you in a better position to win.


Asked to Cover More Channels

Many of us are asked to cover new channels that we have not covered before. This presents a great opportunity but also requires a lot of work to get to know the new allocators. Building a new TAM, or total addressable market, is time-consuming and requires us to find new leverage points to rapidly build the TAM in these new channels.

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More Office/Home Time, Less Travel

With more office and home time and less travel, we naturally have more time on our hands to set-up meetings and make sales calls. However, this also means that our competition is in the same boat. This new way of working continues to reinforce the need for better data and tools so we can make more sales calls and cover more ground efficiently.


Need for Better Tools and Data

As a new world salesperson that is required to cover more channels and more accounts, the need to manage, store, and keep your data up-to-date is more important than ever. The new world salesperson must utilize the latest technologies, whether it's Salesforce, Slack, NeverBounce, Seamless, Gong, or Sales Navigator, the ability to adapt to and leverage technology is the primary defining characteristic of the New World salesperson.


Adapt to the New World of Distribution

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