Matterhorn Capital Partners

West Conshohocken, PA
Opportunistic Private Credit

Dakota brought Matterhorn Capital to market in 2020, immediately following the firm’s launch. Matterhorn is an example of Dakota’s focus on finding new and highly differentiated investment strategies to partner with and scale.

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Firm Overview

Matterhorn Capital Partners is an opportunistic private credit strategy that primarily invests in real estate and corporate debt. Matterhorn uses a robust proprietary network of relationships to find high quality, high yielding opportunities that are backed by significant collateral, and in deals that are often overlooked by most large institutional investors. Loans are generally less than 2 years in duration, below $20 million in size. The firm focuses on covenant heavy transactions, which offer attractive returns with significant downside protection. Matterhorn is managed by Louis (Trey) Ott, who has over 25 years of credit experience. Most recently, Trey was the managing director of Susquehanna Structured Capital, a subsidiary of SIG, and one of the largest market-making and proprietary trading firms.  

Matterhorn was founded in 2020, and is located in West Conshohocken, PA.

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Investment Approach

Matterhorn Capital Partners LP is currently raising capital for an evergreen hybrid fund, with liquidity terms designed to match the underlying duration of the fund’s investments, while still allowing investors meaningful flexibility. While capital is deployed in a bottom-up fashion based on opportunity set, at scale the fund is expected to be roughly split between real estate credit and corporate credit. This strategy is appropriate for both opportunistic credit and yield-focused investors as part of a diversified portfolio. Matterhorn’s focus is on generating mezzanine-like returns with superior credit and downside protection to typical mezzanine lenders.

Matterhorn Capital Partners is targeting net returns in the mid-to-low double digits, with high single digit cash yield. The fund does not employ leverage. 

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What We Like About Them

  • A focus on smaller deals where competition from other capital sources is limited, and risk is frequently mispriced 
  • A robust, proven, and enduring pipeline in a  highly fragmented and relationship-driven part of the market 
  • An opportunistic approach that allows the flexibility to efficiently deploy capital to the best opportunities across the credit spectrum

Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about Matterhorn, call Ryan Creighton at (484) 653-8182 or email Ryan at



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