ACRES Capital

Westbury, NY
Real Estate Private Debt

Dakota began working with ACRES Capital in 2020, and is excited to be part of the continued growth of the firm through its evergreen commercial real estate debt product – the ACRES Mortgage Fund Ltd.

You can visit ACRES’ website for more information or visit ACRES on Dakota Pages and view current and historical marketing and diligence documents.




Firm Overview

ACRES focuses on originating first mortgage bridge loans to high quality sponsors across the top thirty U.S. markets with an emphasis on multi-family residential projects. The firm targets loans of $10 million to $75 million for projects located in North America, and focuses on lending in the construction, value add, and lease-up segments of the market. ACRES currently manages $2.9B on behalf of multiple lead institutional investors. ACRES’ management team has an average of 25 years of experience, including investing in 80 transactions, representing over $1.7B in total volume since the firm’s inception. Prior to the firm’s founding, the senior ACRES’ team successfully managed capital through the great financial crisis. With ACRES deep experience they have acquired many strategic relationships looking for financing for attractive properties at attractive returns to investors. ACRES’ also manages Exantas Capital (XAN) a publicly traded REIT, offering borrowers an additional source of capital following the completion of the project. 

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Product Overview

ACRES is currently raising capital for its evergreen investment structure. The strategy has monthly subscriptions and a two-year soft lock. ACRES offers both a levered and unlevered share class, at a 2% management fee and no carried interest. The product also has attractive cash yield which is distributed quarterly. The fund is appropriate for investors who are looking for appealing fixed income returns backed by senior collateral and with attractive yield.  

The strategy will seek to generate between 8-10% (unleveraged) returns and ACRES will be in a senior first lien control position

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What We Like About Them

  • Focus on high quality multi-family residential bridge loans in a first-mortgage position, with borrowers incented to refinance. 
  • Short duration loans of typically less 24 months, with attractive historical 8-10% yield to investors.
  • Attractive environment, as capital is increasingly constrained ACRES is lending at higher rates and lower loan to cost.   

Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about ACRES Capital, call Dan DiDomenico at (610) 937-5211 or email Dan at