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Chicago Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Retirement Fund

View of Chicago, IL

Plan Assets – $1,566,000,000General Consultant – Marquette: Kweku Obed, Morgan ChaseMetro Area – Chicago

Active/Passive Management Portfolio ReviewMarquette reviewed the current active allocations that are good candidates for passive management, and opportunities to build on the current percentage...

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Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System

View of downtown Seattle, WA

Plan Assets – $3,715,000,000General Consultant – NEPC: Allan Martin, Don StrackeMetro Area – Seattle

ESG Educational PresentationThe Board invited representatives from the NYC Mayor’s office for discussion of their pension plans and how they go beyond their ESG principles in place. The Board was...

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Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System

Nighttime view of Sacramento
Plan Assets – $12,443,000,000 General Consultant – Verus: John Nicolini, Stuart Odell Real Estate Consultant – Townsend: Chris Cunningham, Richard Brown, Felix Fels Private Equity Consultant – Cliffwater: Jamie Feidler Metro Area – Sacramento Recent Commitments
  • Strategic Value Special Situations Fund V...
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Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement

Pennsylvania capitol

Plan Assets – $62,247,000,000General Consultant – Aon: Chris BehrensPrivate Equity Consultant - Hamilton Lane: Scott DaviesHedge Fund Consultant – Aksia: Mike KremsMetro Area – Harrisburg

Recent Commitments

  • Insight Partners Fund XII (Private Equity) - $200M
  • Summit Partners Growth Equity Fund XI-A...
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State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio


Plan Assets – $93,374,000,000General Consultant – Callan: Jay Kloepfer, Brady O’Connell, Michael JoeckenGeneral Consultant – Cliffwater: Kathleen Barchick, Steve NesbittMetro Area – ColumbusDomestic Equites Fiscal 2022 Strategy- Value overgrowth- Small cap over large cap- Potential option...

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Minnesota State Board of Investments


Plan Assets – $129,154,000,000General Consultant – Aon: Kristen Doyle, Katie ComstockGeneral Consultant – Meketa: Allan Emkin, Neil Rue, Gordon LatterMetro Area – MinneapolisRecent CommitmentsAt the August 16, 2021, Investment Advisory Council (IAC) meeting, the IAC concurred with SBIStaff’s...

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Plymouth County Retirement Association

plymouth county

Plan Assets – $1,033,000,000General Consultant – Meketa: Daniel Dynan, Stephen MacLellan, Josh BroughMetro Area – BostonSmall Cap Value RFPThe Plymouth County Retirement Association is seeking proposals from managers of small capvalue equities to manage approximately $80 million.Only proposals for...

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The General Retirement System of the City of Detroit


Plan Assets – $2,000,000,000General Consultant – NEPC: Kevin Leonard, Kim Kaczor, Kristin Finney-CookeReal Estate Consultant – Townsend: Stephen BurnsMetro Area – DetroitManager UpdateThe Board voted to terminate Fidelity Emerging Small Cap.

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Maryland State Retirement & Pension System

Plan Assets - $62,400,000,000 Consultant - Meketa, Mercer, Townsend, Hamilton Lane Field Consultant - Frank Benham (Meketa), John Harris (Meketa), Mary Mustard (Meketa), William Dillard (Mercer), Rob Kochis (Townsend), Benjamin Eckroth (Hamilton Lane) Metro Area - Baltimore

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Florida State Board of Administration

Plan Assets – $250,526,000,000General Consultant – Cambridge: Samit Chhabra, Richard Grimm, Andre Mehta, Jim Mnookin, Sheila RyanGeneral Consultant - Mercer: Hugh Merkel, Jay LoveReal Estate Consultant – Townsend: Richard Brown, Seth MarcusMetro Area – Jacksonville

Recent Commitments (Q2 2021)
  • ...
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City of Lincoln (NE) Police & Fire Pension

Plan Assets – $307,000,000General Consultant – Ellwood Associates: Dale Connors, Andy FiegelMetro Area – LincolnInvestment Consultant RFPThe Board is seeking proposals from investment consultants. The contract with Ellwood expires in December 2021.

Asset Allocation UpdateIn February 2021, the Board...

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Minnesota State Board of Investments

Plan Assets - $114,367,000,000 Consultant - Aon, Meketa Field Consultant - Kristen Doyle (Aon), Katie Comstock (Aon), Allan Emkin (Meketa), Neil Rue (Meketa), Gordon Latter (Meketa) Metro Area - Minneapolis

ESG Update

At the direction of the Executive Director, the SBI Staff have fully...

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