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Howard County Master Trust

City view of Baltimore, Maryland

Plan Assets – $1,349,000,000General Consultant – NEPC: Margaret Belmondo, Francesca LoVerde, Will Forde, Andrew BrettMetro Area – Baltimore

Private Equity Thoughts & Actions with NEPC
  • Maintain new commitments to capture higher illiquid returns; continue to back high performing managers but look...
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Dallas Employees Retirement Fund

City view of Dallas, Texas

Plan Assets – $3,907,000,000General Consultant – Wilshire: Thomas Toth, Ali Kazemi, Bill Bracamontes, Joanna BewickMetro Area – Dallas

Watch ListStaff is recommending that the Board extend Smith Graham’s watch list status through Q1 2022. Since being placed on watch in December 2020, performance...

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Kern County Employees Retirement Association

Downtown Los Angeles, California

Plan Assets – $5,375,000,000General Consultant – Verus: Scott WhalenPrivate Equity Consultant – Cambridge: Andrea Auerbach, Keirsten Lawton, Kelly Jensen, Anelise HohlHedge Fund Consultant – Albourne: Spencer EdgeMetro Area – Los Angeles

ESG DiscussionVerus gave an educational presentation on ESG....

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Illinois Police Officers Pension Fund

Chicago, Illinois skyline

Plan Assets – $13,076,000,000General Consultant – NEPC: Rhett Humphreys, David Barnes, Eric HarnishGeneral Consultant – Meketa: Allan EmkinMetro Area – Chicago

Investments UpdateThe Board currently has RFPs out for Actuarial Services, Transition Management Services, CPA Services, and Passive...

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Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds

Downtown Hartford, Connecticut

Plan Assets – $45,000,000,000General Consultant – Cliffwater: Kathleen BarchickGeneral Consultant – Aon: Steve VossPrivate Equity Consultant – Meketa: Frank BenhamMetro Area –Hartford

Co-Investment ProgramTreasurer Wooden recommended $150 million to each the Connecticut Co-Investment Fund and the...

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Plymouth County Retirement Association

Boston, Massachusetts

Plan Assets – $1,033,000,000General Consultant – Meketa: Daniel Dynan, Todd SilvermanMetro Area – Boston

Small Cap Growth Manager UpdateThe Board voted to retain Mellon Investments for the Small Cap Growth mandate.

Core Fixed Income FinalistsCore Fixed Income finalist presentations are on the...

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San Joaquin County Employees Retirement Association

Sacramento, California

Plan Assets – $3,700,000,000General Consultant – Meketa: David SancewichReal Estate Consultant – StepStone: Adam BuckleyMetro Area – Sacramento

Active Core Fixed Income Manager Search Update Finalists presented to the Board at the August meeting. The three finalists for consideration are:
  • Income...
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City of Philadelphia Board of Pensions and Retirement

Downtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Plan Assets – $7,262,000,000General Consultant – Marquette: Kweku Obed, David Smith, Brett Graffy, David HernandezGeneral Consultant – Aksia: David FannMetro Area – Philadelphia

Recent CommitmentsTPG Growth Fund V (Private Equity) - $50M

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Maryland State Retirement & Pension System

Plan Assets - $62,400,000,000 Consultant - Meketa, Mercer, Townsend, Hamilton Lane Field Consultant - Frank Benham (Meketa), John Harris (Meketa), Mary Mustard (Meketa), William Dillard (Mercer), Rob Kochis (Townsend), Benjamin Eckroth (Hamilton Lane) Metro Area - Baltimore

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Florida State Board of Administration

Plan Assets – $250,526,000,000General Consultant – Cambridge: Samit Chhabra, Richard Grimm, Andre Mehta, Jim Mnookin, Sheila RyanGeneral Consultant - Mercer: Hugh Merkel, Jay LoveReal Estate Consultant – Townsend: Richard Brown, Seth MarcusMetro Area – Jacksonville

Recent Commitments (Q2 2021)
  • ...
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City of Lincoln (NE) Police & Fire Pension

Plan Assets – $307,000,000General Consultant – Ellwood Associates: Dale Connors, Andy FiegelMetro Area – LincolnInvestment Consultant RFPThe Board is seeking proposals from investment consultants. The contract with Ellwood expires in December 2021.

Asset Allocation UpdateIn February 2021, the Board...

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Minnesota State Board of Investments

Plan Assets - $114,367,000,000 Consultant - Aon, Meketa Field Consultant - Kristen Doyle (Aon), Katie Comstock (Aon), Allan Emkin (Meketa), Neil Rue (Meketa), Gordon Latter (Meketa) Metro Area - Minneapolis

ESG Update

At the direction of the Executive Director, the SBI Staff have fully...

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