A Hedge Fund Allocator Database

Built by Current Hedge Fund Marketers

The Efficiencies of Dakota Marketplace

We’ve helped hundreds of investment firms find the right contacts to set-up meetings with and grow their pipelines.

Dakota Marketplace can introduce you to investors you might not have otherwise known, keep your accounts and contacts updated regularly, and expose you to over 450 RIAs/Multi-Family Offices that invest in hedge funds.

We know it’s an important market, and one that’s not easily accessible, so we’re here to help bridge the gap.

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Discover investors you might not have known otherwise.

Ensure that accounts and contacts are updated daily.

Gain exposure to over 450 RIAs and Multi-Family Offices that invest in hedge funds.

What is Dakota Marketplace for Hedge Fund Marketers?

Dakota Marketplace for hedge fund marketers is a curated database of hedge fund allocators across the Intermediary and Institutional channels built by a fundraising team. Updated on a daily basis by our team of database administrators and salespeople, Marketplace contains 1,400 hedge fund allocators and 5,600 contacts that diligence and invest in hedge funds.


Who is Dakota?

Dakota is a fundraising firm that raises capital for investment firms across long-only equities, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity, private real estate and private credit. Founded in 2006, Dakota has 29 employees, is based outside of Philadelphia, and has raised over $30 billion.

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