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Dakota will present detailed profiles on Highland Associates, Fidelity,  & Wisconsin's Institutional Investors

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Questions you will get answers to on Highland Associate:

  1. What are Highland's relationships with USA Regions?
  2. Who are the key members of the research team?
  3. What are Highland's wins, including their internal FOF?

Questions you will get answers to on Fidelity:

  1. What does a win look like at Fidelity?  Is the only opportunity a sub-advised relationship?
  2. Who are the key members of the research team to begin a conversation?
  3. What are the key requirements I should know to be considered by Fidelity?


Also featured on Dakota Live! #81:

  • Interview: Kris Nelson, Russell
  • Metro Area Profiled: Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Dakota's Call Notes from the Week


Hosted By Chris O'Grady & The Investment Sales Team at Dakota

January 22nd 2021

11:00 AM EST

Key Topics Covered on Dakota Live! #81


Fidelity Investment

One of the larger brokers in the U.S., Fidelity is designed to serve the vast majority of individual investors.


Highland Associates

Highland Associates is a leading institutional investment firm that has provided objective, research-driven investment counsel to not-for-profit healthcare entities



Learn who the contacts are at each allocator for the state of Wisconsin.

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