Dakota Live Call #87 at 2:00PM EST

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April 16, 2021

Our Guest Speaker

Kevin Ely, Cambridge

Experienced senior investment professional with a demonstrated history of helping institutional investors achieve strong long term results. Skilled in Asset Allocation, Equity Manager Selection and Equity Research. Known for thought leadership, industry insight and a willingness to test consensus views. Reputation for strong analytical, critical thinking, communication and writing skills.

Dakota will present detailed profiles on Rockefeller, LPL, and Missouri Institutional Investors

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Key highlights we will cover on Rockefeller:

  1. How to effectively cover the expanding Private Wealth business at Rockefeller?
  2. What are the various divisions under the Rockefeller umbrella and how are they supported by central research?
  3. Who are the key people at Rockefeller you should know?

Key highlights we will cover on LPL:

  1. What are the important platforms at LPL to gain access to the advisors within this network?
  2. How is the research team organized and what do they create for their advisors?
  3. What does a win look like at LPL?

Also featured on Dakota Live! #87:

  • Interview: Kevin Ely, Cambridge
  • Metro Area Profiled: Missouri
  • Dakota's Call Notes from the Week