Your Curated, Diverse Hedge Fund Database

Built for Fundraising Professionals, By Fundraising Professionals. Dakota Marketplace for Hedge Funds provides curated, diverse lists of hedge fund allocators, allowing you to identify prospects and raise funds efficiently.

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What our members are saying

Marketplace provides the most actionable data I have ever encountered in my 15+ years in the business. It is abundantly clear that Marketplace is built by salespeople for salespeople. I am continuously amazed at its rapid prospect expansion and its real-time updates on the appropriate decision makers. It is an incredible time saver that lets you concentrate on selling, not researching prospects!  

Geoffrey Irungu, Stephens Investment Management

All I can say is, Dakota Data ROCKS!!!

Tod Perry, Algorithmic Investment Models (AIM)

Dakota by far the most tailored system out there in terms of information with respect with Investors who are seeking to meet for new managers and looking for new offerings. Beyond just the data, which is important…the culture and the people at your firm know what it’s like to be in our chair. Raising assets, trying to build relationships with allocators and pools of capital. 

Andres Sandate, Altera

Marketplace is nirvana for a sales professional who wants access to RIAs and other institutional investors. Most of my prospecting is over because all I have to do is log in and pull up a city I am traveling to, and all the RIAs and investors I need to know are right there. It’s awesome.

Jim Steve, Institutional Sales

Ensure that your CRM is as clean and up-to-date as possible

An easy to use, cloud-based application

Dakota Marketplace for Hedge Funds is a cloud-based application comprised of clean and accurate data, maintained by a team of sales professionals who are in the field every day.


Ensure that your accounts and contacts are updated daily

No more scrambling to research and update your contacts at a particular firm before you start reaching out. Dakota Marketplace is updated daily by industry professionals who specialize in fundraising themselves.


Discover investors you might not have otherwise know

Dakota Marketplace offers a diverse list of specific industry contacts, from RIAs, bank trusts, Multi-Family Offices, Family Offices, and more, all of which allocate to outside managers like you.


Eliminate time researching who to call and contact the right people faster.

Hedgefund Accounts Diversity and Selection

Marketplace provides access to hundreds of accounts that could once be accessed only through cap intro, allowing your team to contact the right people, faster.

Each account within Marketplace includes detailed account descriptions that eliminates your time spent researching who to call on.

The list of allocators included in Marketplace is diverse and continuously growing. Currently, Dakota Marketplace for Hedge Funds includes RIAs, Multi-Family Offices, Public Pensions, and Bank Trusts.

Find Out More About Dakota Marketplace

Dakota Marketplace is an institutional investor database built for investment sales professionals, and contains curated and accurate contact information on institutional investors across the intermediary and institutional channels.

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